Captivated looks is an ultra-modern stylist outfit designed specifically for women and men of all shapes and sizes. It is an organization that is outstanding for developing and sustaining cordial relationships and trusts within their clients through the offering of dynamic, unique and top- notch services to each client. With a wide range of top-notch services like overall hair styling and treatment for women and high standard grooming and immaculate cut for the men, impeccable makeup services, hair color correction and vivid specialization without forgetting facial and underarm waxing, giving you that picture perfect feel and leaves you looking stunning every time you visit.

At, Captivated looks, the goal is to enhance natural beauty, ensuring flawless and fresh looks for clients across the board. Making sure you have that overwhelming feeling of knowing you are on top of the world whenever you get a service.

Our service includes:
-Top notch hairstyling
-Hair color and color correction
-Bridal formal finishing
-Hair treatments
-Salon services
-Facial and under arm waxing
-Make up services

This outfit is owned by Autumn Hess, a highly accomplished woman who has a natural flair and love for beauty and fashion backed up with years of incredible experience working as a wedding and fashion stylist. With her creative instincts and quest for innovation, it has spurred her into doing more over the past two seasons as her natural talent, professionalism, and immense experience has kept her in high demand during these seasons.

Needless to note, her amazing talent shines through in her work. We’re certain you will be intrigued when you see her mastery in an extensive range of hair techniques including short hair and long hair styling. With cuts for both women and men and her well applied makeup. You will get to experience the true beauty when her clients are transformed into their finest selves as envisioned by her.

As a multi-faceted woman who has done several top-notch jobs over the years, Autumn Hess has redefined the artistry of make-up and styling by encouraging and mentoring young ladies on how to apply their own make up and be comfortable in their own skin.She believes in passing on knowledge to help not only her clients but people around her and developing stylists that will want to work alongside her.This has warmed the hearts of young ladies as they can now do makeup by themselves, all thanks to the captivated looks owner.